Why your puppy needs pet insurance

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A puppy with dog insurance chews on a toy.

Puppies can be trouble. They are curious and mischievous which means they can get into all kinds of things and cause chaos. A puppy that is left alone can do some serious damage, like chewing your favorite shoes, or even causing damage to your home. Dog insurance can cover your puppy if she gets carried away and actually ingests something she should not eat, like your shoe, a child’s toy, a favorite towel, or even your wedding ring.

Lack of puppy exercise is a major contributor to boredom, which leads to puppies chewing excessively. Puppies that chew excessively can end up destroying their toys, and if they are left for long periods of time, puppies can chew other items in the home including furniture, personal items, and even the actual walls of the house. Dog insurance helps to ensure that if your puppy does eat something, the vet bill won’t leave you financially strapped.

Eating non-food objects can lead diarrhea and other pet health conditions in puppies. A foreign object is a serious medical concern. Foreign objects can cause a blockage of the intestines, which can lead to death if not treated. If the object perforates the intestines, the situation then turns into a medical emergency. Pet insurance should be a requirement for all puppy owners in case the worst happens to your curious puppy.

To keep your puppy from chewing things they shouldn’t, keep them in an area where they can be supervised at all times. Use pet gates to keep your puppy out of rooms that are not puppy-proofed. Exercise your puppy daily to help stimulate them both mentally and physically.

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