Why you should avoid giving pets holiday treats

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A pug begs for a delicious holiday treat.
Posted by: H.R.
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According to the American Veterinary Association, table scraps and extra treats should not be given to pets this holiday season. Table food can expose pets to an increased risk of pancreatitis, among other pet health problems. Pancreatitis is caused when the pancreas becomes inflamed from the consumption of rich fatty foods.

Dog pancreatitis is more common during the holiday season due to giving dogs people food. Another reason dogs are more at risk this time of year is due to the fact that they are more prone to get into the garbage to get leftovers. Pancreatitis symptoms can include lethargy, abdominal pain, depression, and lack of appetite.

Pancreatitis is diagnosed via patient history and blood work. Once a diagnosis of pancreatitis is made, your pet will be given medications for the pain and fluid therapy. Keeping your pet adequately hydrated is essential for their recovery. Their blood work will be repeated to monitor that the pancreatic levels are returning to normal.

Being prepared for pet health issues is especially important during the holidays. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a pet health insurance policy for your pet.

Pet health insurance can help pay for emergencies and other illnesses and also provides peace of mind, in knowing you will be prepared if your pet does become ill or injured.

Pancreatitis is a very serious illness that can be easily avoided. Take precautions to ensure that your pet is not fed any table food this holiday season. Make sure to tell any guests to refrain from feeding your pet scraps. If your dog is prone to stealing food or getting into the garbage, it may be a good idea to keep them out certain areas of the house where they have access to the food.

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