Why Tell Clients to Google Pet Insurance Info?

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Video transcript below:

Man: As a veterinarian, it’s often challenging to confidently recommend pet insurance. With an ever-growing market in pet insurance, the choice isn’t getting any clearer. The number one reason people don’t get pet insurance is because they’re confused by their choices. You wouldn’t recommend a client to just Google the right medication for their pet, who knows what they’ll find. And pet insurance should be no different.

Pets Best has been protecting your animals for 10 years. And we’ve paid our customers over $100 million in pet insurance claims. Pets Best is customer and veterinarian recommended. Customers recently rated us 9.1 on PetInsuranceReview.com.

Pets Best was started by a veterinarian, a vet, who like you wanted to save as many pets as possible. We have a pet insurance plan to fit each customer’s coverage needs and budget because we think every pet parent should be able to afford pet insurance. It’s easy to see why Pets Best stands up to the competition.

Receptionist: Hi, Pepper. Are you using your pet insurance today?

Hi, Sadie. Are you using your pet insurance today? Oh you don’t have it? Well you should check out Pets Best Insurance. Here’s their brochure. You can go to their website or call and get a quote. It’s that easy.

Man: Pet insurance helps your clients afford the best care for your pets. Why send your client to Google when they ask you for advice about pet insurance? Tell them to check out Pets Best. We can help educate your staff and provide easy to understand information for clients. It’s easy for any veterinarian to recommend Pets Best. Our veterinary services team is here for you.

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