Why Should You Recommend One Pet Insurance company?

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Posted by Pets Best on 1/27/2010 General Articles

With so many pet insurance companies out there today, it’s a wonder that anyone knows who to trust. In your role within a veterinary hospital, clients trust you when it comes to mending, treating and taking care of their pets.

Likewise, veterinary professionals and clients choose Pets Best because we’re trusted to pay eligible claims at 80% of the bill after the deductible. We’re not just in the business of selling insurance policies, we want to help save pets’ lives by protecting them from economically-necessitated euthanasia.

At your hospital, you may have decided to promote Pets Best policies exclusively. Or you may have determined to promote more than one pet insurance company, giving your clients a variety of options.

I’d like to share an actual story from a Pets Best employee who asked her veterinarian about pet insurance and the events that lead her to her final decision.

“A few years ago, before I started working for Pets Best, I asked my vet about pet insurance. She would not recommend one company over another but instead sent me home with three brochures to do my own research. Looking at all of the information I found myself frustrated and confused. In the end, I gave up and did not purchase ANY pet insurance. I figured, why bother when my vet obviously did not feel pet insurance was important enough to do her own research? As a result, my pet went unprotected. If something were to happen, I would not have been able to afford the cost of care.”

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Often, simply dropping a variety of options in a client’s lap can do them a disservice. Helping them cut through the clutter of information and communicating how important pet insurance can be, especially in today’s uncertain economic times, is a much more effective way of promoting pet insurance, which is as helpful and beneficial to your practice as it is to the people and pets you care for.

As a reminder:

-We pay a percentage of the veterinary bill, after the deductible
-Simple, fast claim turn around (5 days or less processing time)
-Choose any vet, anywhere
-No age restrictions
-Best benefits, best value, let us prove it!

We’d love to offer you and your staff a lunch-n-learn and tell you why Pets Best is the pet insurance provider of choice. Let us show you how you can trust us to be there when you and your clients need us most.

To schedule a live webinar at your convenience (we’ll buy you lunch!) call 877-738-7237 x4 or email vetservices@petsbest.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Protect your loved ones with Pet Insurance!