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Keith Erickson, Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. – Sep 25, 2009

Protect your pet’s oral health with Oxyfresh

A healthy smile and fresh breath are the unmistakable sign of an Oxyfresh pet.

Formulated with our exclusive ingredient Oxygene®, Oxyfresh pet dental products are 100 percent safe and positively proven to freshen breath while fighting plaque and tartar buildup that can threaten your pet’s health.

Eighty percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over age 3 have some kind of dental disease, which can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease — shortening your pet’s life by up to 5 years!

Protect your pet with Oxyfresh by following these simple dental care steps at home:

Step 1 — Just add water!

Add one teaspoon of Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution to one quart of drinking water and pour into your pet’s drinking bowl; freshen daily. You can also use a sprayer bottle to mist the same solution into your pet’s mouth twice daily. Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is completely safe, tasteless and odorless so your pet will readily drink it. In about three to five days, you will notice an obvious improvement in your pet’s breath. Oxygene® goes to work, destroying bacteria in the mouth and breaking down sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. Oxygene® is also proven to reduce the plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to dental disease.

Step 2 — Brush those choppers!

Apply Oxyfresh Pet Gel daily to the gums and teeth with the Oxyfresh Triple•Pet Toothbrush. Pet Gel further helps freshen breath and has a phenomenal healing affect with continued use. Formulated with aloe to soothe, plus Oxygene® to cleanse and deodorize gums, Pet Gel is an important part of your home pet dental care program. And the uniquely designed Triple•Pet Toothbrush has a triple-sided head to make brushing quicker, easier and more effective.

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Oxyfresh’s life-enhancing two-step program is easy and very beneficial for all pets. You love your pet. Why not give him the best products possible to support his overall health and well-being?

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