What is a Feral Cat?

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Dr. Marc is a veterinarian and blogger for Pets Best, a pet insurance agency for dogs and cats

Hi my name is Marc. I’m a local veterinarian working with Pets Best Insurance to answer some Facebook questions for you guys. The next question is:  “What is a feral cat? Is it a stray cat?”

The difference between a feral and a stray cat is generally considered this. A stray cat is a domesticated cat that has been displaced or lost. It has generally had human interaction at some point in time and has been exposed to humans, whereas a feral cat is generally considered to be born in the wild. This may even be born from a stray cat, but generally these cats don’t have history with human exposure. They tend to be a little bit more aggressive as far as symptoms just because they are defensive. They don’t know how to interact with people.

Stray cats and feral cats can certainly become domesticated animals and vice versa.

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