Westminster contestant can detect seizures in handler

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Some owners believe their dogs can detect seizures before they occurVala, an Australian Canaan dog, is competing in the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The black and white canine appears adorable, in good dog health and well-groomed, and also has a special hidden skill that his handler, Ethan Miller, can benefit from.

Miller suffers from cerebral palsy, which prevents him from presenting Vala with his left hand at the dog show. According to PeoplePets.com, when Miller used to suffer from seizures before medical advancements put a stop to them, Vala was able to detect an oncoming seizure two minutes prior to the occurrence, often alerting the boy’s mother.

"There’s that extra trust factor that he has with the dog," Miller’s mother, Chris, told the news source. "He knows that the dog understands him and his uniqueness. It’s a beautiful thing. They truly work as a team."

According to ABC News, other dog owners have reported that their animals can sense when they’re about to have a seizure. However, although there have been multiple claims there are no studies or scientific explanations to back this theory up.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19606734-ADNFCR

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