Veterinarian hits the road to provide care

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One vet has decided to take her business on the roadRecognizing the importance of pet health to many families, one veterinarian from Locust Grove, Oklahoma is traveling directly to animals in need of care in communities without access to other licensed vets.

The traveling vet, Dr Carolynne Cash, recently purchased a mobile veterinary clinic after conceiving of the idea at an industry conference last February, the Pryor Daily Times reports. Though the impetus to take her practice on the road was to serve communities without a veterinarian, Cash points out that her clinic is also ideal for families with multiple pets who struggle with car trips to the vet office.

Her refurbished and fully stocked mobile clinic allows her to vaccinate, spay, neuter and provide dental care for cats, dogs and smaller animals. Cash typically drives into communities like Adair and Fort Gibson and sets up her clinic in a community center or fire department.

The doctor also offers treatment in homes and backyards to animals whose owners leave the pets alone during the day. She told the news source, "It’s real convenient for people who are working."

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the average veterinary expenditure per household in 2006 was $366.

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