Pet health: Vet trips don’t have to be stressful

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A dog with dog insurance is tended to by a veterinarian.

While pet insurance can make a trip to the vet less stressful for the pet owner, pets may still feel uncomfortable.

The office is oftentimes cold, sterile, and uninviting. The smells are funny, and the waiting time is usually long and awkward. When it comes to visiting the vet, our pets experience the same kind of discomfort and anxiety as we do.

This office is a new place, or one that your pet likely associates with something negative (shots, surgery, medications).

Discount pet care is out there, but more often than not medical costs can run through the roof! So along with making sure your little ball of love is as stress-free as possible, managing the cost of veterinary care with cat or dog insurance will help you buffer the headache in the office. Here are some tips for making the most of your vet visit:

1. Make sure your animal has a security blanket. Okay, maybe not an actual blanket, but a familiar place or object that makes them feel safe—like a carrier, or a leash. Bring a familiar toy for some comforting smells from home.

2. Be sure to do a pet insurance comparison so you can better understand coverage. Just because you have cat or dog insurance doesn’t mean that everything is covered. When shopping for insurance for cats or dogs, take inventory of what services are covered prior to your vet visit. You don’t want any surprises!

3. Understand how your dog insurance plan works. Just having pet insurance isn’t enough. Make sure you really understand how the payment system works for that particular company. Find out what will be covered and what’s excluded.

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