Vet Tech Contest Finalist: Gianna Salvadore

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Why I Love Being a Vet Tech finalist, Gianna Salvadore.

At Pets Best, we recognize that the veterinary industry is largely powered by the hardworking and dedicated certified veterinary technicians across the nation. To acknowledge their tireless efforts, we created the Why I Love Being a Vet Tech contest, now in its second year. In partnership with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), we are pleased to announce the top eight finalists for 2015.

Meet Gianna Salvadore, a certified veterinary technician at Anthracite Animal Clinic in Ashland, Pennsylvania. She began working as a vet tech immediately after graduating with her degree in May, 2014. In her free time, Gianna enjoys taking her dogs for walks, reading, baking, crafting, shopping, and spending time with her family, friends, and boyfriend.

Gianna describes her three pets as fitting into her family perfectly—so much so that she “could not imagine life without them.” There is Marvin, a 9-year-old domestic shorthaired cat she took in when its previous owners no longer wanted him; and two dogs: Louie, a 14-year-old mixed breed; and Beau, an 11-year-old miniature poodle which experiences mobility challenges.

Read on to learn more about Gianna and her contribution to the veterinary community.

Why did you choose to become a vet tech?

I entered this profession because of my passion for animals and desire to help them.

If you could improve upon or change one thing about the veterinary industry, what would that be?

I love the veterinary field, so the only thing I would try to improve upon would be getting others to understand how important the veterinary field is and that there are many affordable options for them to help keep their animals healthy.

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Do you see the value of pet insurance for your clients, and does your clinic talk to clients about such coverage?

Yes, I think it is very wise to have pet insurance. We hand out “new dog/cat kits” when we see a new client. Inside of these kits, there are many pamphlets about products or services that we recommend. Pet insurance is always in the kit and it is explained to the client in detail.

Tell us why you enjoy being a vet tech.

I could go on an on about how much I love animals. I do, but that’s not my favorite part.  I have two things about being a CVT that stand out. First, I love seeing the reactions of people who don’t actually  know the true role of a vet tech. For example: “YOU DO ALL OF THAT? I thought you just held puppies and mopped floors. I could never do your job!!” I like to reply simply with a smile and a nod. Vet tech is not a job for the weak and I am very proud of my career.

The other part I love about being a vet tech is seeing how much people love their animals. Yes I love animals; I wouldn’t be in this profession if I didn’t. But when I get to see a client doing everything they can to take care of their best friend, or tears streaming down their face during the hard times, those moments make my heart full. After seeing cases of neglect and abuse, these are the kind of moments you need to remember that the world is not all bad. Those are the moments you realize you’re not only making a difference in lives of the animals, but humans as well. And it’s worth every long, stressful hour that we put into it. I love being a CVT and wouldn’t change it for a thing.

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We invite you to stay tuned to our blog, where we will be sharing the in-depth Q&A sessions we held with the contest’s remaining finalists. To learn more about the Why I Love Being a Vet Tech Contest, click here. The contest winner will receive a one-year NAVTA membership and a paid trip to the 2016 North American Veterinary Community Conference. You may vote here for Gianna or any of the other finalists once a day through Thursday, September 17th.

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