Vet says cats can alert their owners through different purrs

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Your cat could be trying to tell you somethingAlthough mothers feel they can understand their baby’s various cries and can match it to what they need, cat owners may be noticing they have a similar sense.

Cats develop certain purrs to let their owner know what they want or need for proper pet care, according to CBS. A recent study confirms that cats have specific purrs, including one that has a bit of a cry in it to alert their owners that they are hungry.

Study author Dr Karen McComb used audio recordings to notice a difference between a normal purr and a hungry one, and was able to determine that cats rely on signals to get the point across that they’re hungry.

However, while dogs are often known for being vocal about what they want by barking and whining, veterinarians believe that unlike a dog, cats are fine just living, and does not require extra attention.

"They don’t try to please you to try to obtain a reward," cat specialist Dr Plotnick told the news provider. "They live life on their own terms and they hope that you like it."

According to animal experts, felines also purr to calm themselves, as the noise acts as a stress relief.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19585469-ADNFCR

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