Travel with Fido Friendly: Booking a Fido-friendly Hotel

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Posted by Pets Best on 8/8/2007 in Lifestyle

The listing states “Dogs Allowed.” But before you drive two hours to your destination and then find out that “Dogs Allowed” means in a crate outside, here are a few tips to help in the decision making process:

Are there pet restrictions?
Some pet-friendly properties enforce restrictions such as the amount of dogs they will accommodate. You may think three small Chihuahuas equal one medium dog, but better to check with management before making that reservation. If Fido weighs 50 pounds or more, you may be limited in hotel choices. And since you are asking, go ahead and ask if there are breed restrictions as well. The breeds that are getting a bum rap these days (and you know who you are) may be your cute and cuddly “buddy” at home, but he may strike fear in the hearts of those who don’t know and love him like you do.

Are there pet fees or pet deposits?
You have a budget in mind for your vacation and that budget could be sent into a tailspin if you have not allocated an additional fee for your pet. As an example, your property of choice could charge you $25.00 and higher per pet, per night! The hotel could ask for a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. Ask the questions before you check in to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Do you offer any pet amenities?
Because dog travel is taking on a life of its own, many hotels realize how important your best friend is to you, and they want you to be just as happy with the treatment of Fido as you are with your amenities. Now I am not talking about a fluffy robe for your puppy, but you can expect extras such as: dog bed, dog food and water bowls, treats upon check-in, dog walking service, pet sitting and perhaps an on-site doggie masseuse. Don’t expect these amenities for free, however, so be sure to ask if there is an additional cost.

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Are there dog parks nearby?
One last barking request you may wish to pose to your innkeeper is that of recreation for Fido. Are there walking trails or doggie parks? How Fido-friendly is the town? Are there restaurants that allow you to dine al-fresco?

By being pro-active and asking the questions ahead of time, you will have no surprises waiting for you at the lovely B&B or historic hotel you are anxious to visit.

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