Torrey’s diary September 2008

Posted on September 26, 2008 under Dog Articles

By: Dr. Jack Stephens

Hello All! Oh it’s an excellent month to be a dog! The weather is changing and it is finally getting cooler in my office, I no longer have to lie around all day in the scorching heat! For a while now I thought I might have been gaining a few more ounces, since I haven’t been able to make my daily treat trips around the building which help me keep my slim figure!

For all of you who weren’t able to wish me a Happy Birthday, I celebrated my glorious 6th year of life last week! It was fabulous! I was able to catch up on my beauty rest, had one or two treats here and there…… Ok, ok, I may have fibbed just a little, I had a few more than that, but it was my birthday, I deserved something special! Later that afternoon I had a few pictures taken for my portfolio. I was enjoying myself until they attempted to put a birthday bow on my head. Yeah right, like I was going to let that happen. I look fantastic just the way I am.

Some other current events that are going in my life… My dad enrolled me in these Positive Pet Parenting courses. So far I haven’t notice a difference. I am not surprised because, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with me. I may be a little bit more vocal than some of my fellow canine friends, but hey, I am pint sized and have to speak up or no one would be able to hear me. I also don’t think that “asking” politely and putting on my “cute face” really translates to “begging.”

So have you all seen the previews for this upcoming movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua?”

Well I did, and I am appalled that my dad didn’t get any offers for me to be one of the main stars! I am cute, full of spunk and have a great talent for acting. I mean half of the people that work for Pets Best who give me treats, really think I like them. Now that’s “real” acting. I should get an Oscar for that….hmm maybe they should start calling them the “Torrey” awards, that has a nice ring to it. Anyway, not to babble on about how I am not in the movie, I am just thankful I am insured, because I bet most of the Chihuahuas in that movie aren’t. What happens if they were to get hurt on the job? Like break a nail or something? At least they would be protected by Pets Best Insurance. Hmm maybe we should give their parents a call!

Well my paw is getting awfully tired of writing, so until next time everyone!

P.S. For anyone who may have forgotten to send me a belated birthday gift, you know where I work!

Be good! I know I will try, just for my dad’s sake!