Torrey’s diary June 2008

Posted on June 6, 2008 under Dog Articles

By: Dr. Jack Stephens

Dear Diary,

You’d think that a girl my size would have more trouble getting what she wants. Fortunately, this is not the case. And while I think that I would probably still get pretty much whatever I want if my Dad wasn’t the boss, I must say that I do enjoy the extra clout it brings.

Being Daddy’s Girl, I know that wherever he goes, I go, whether it’s to the office, or hanging out on a beach in Mexico for our annual trip. It is rare that you won’t see me by his side.

So for Father’s Day, I wanted to share a little secret with you. Ready? Here it is. Dads don’t like ties. Oh, sure, they act like they do, but really, they’re just being nice. And while some Dads may actually like that new golf club or trashcan basketball game (as if!), most Dads would appreciate your doing something that protects pets in times of need. Like me!

Remember: Ties stink. Choose something meaningful for Dad and buy him a policy so he can have the peace of mind knowing that he doesn’t need to worry if something happens to pets like me. Of course, it never will. I’m too amazing to get sick or hurt, but Dad says that you just never know.

Until next time,


p.s. Giving a gift policy is easy. Call us to find out how! 1-877-PETSBEST. (1-877-738-7237)