Top three benefits: Cat spaying

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A cat with cat insurance sits in a plush bed.

Cat spaying and neutering offers many benefits not just to fixed cats themselves, but also to shelters, homeless animals and overpopulation.

Pet Health Benefits of Cat Spaying and Neutering
According to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, spayed cats have reduced risk for developing breast cancer and life-threatening pyometra, an infection of the uterus. Neutered male cats may be better pets, as 90 percent show decreased incidents of spraying, fighting and roaming.

Pet health insurance can help make spaying and neutering more affordable, and many discount spay and neuter programs are available across the country.

Other Benefits
Residents who keep their pets indoors and vaccinate may spay and neuter their pets for the sake of their neighbors. A howling cat in heat can be annoying even to cat lovers, but especially so to neighbors who don’t own pets and don’t find incessant cat meowing “charming.” And while it might be nice to lessen your litter scooping duties, try telling that to the neighbor who just planted their garden or laid down fresh mulch who had to scoop it for you.

Ask anyone who has ever lived among a colony of feral cats how they feel about strays. Just one litter of kittens can turn into 100 kittens in seven years, according to a 2006 Wall Street Journal article, “Trying to Herd a Cat Stat.”

If the kittens of just one cat receive no human interaction in the first few weeks of life, a feral colony could be born, made even worse by other non-fixed neighborhood cats. Feral and stray cats kill local wildlife, increase the risk diseases like rabies, and can be a loud, unsightly nuisance.

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Cat Spaying and Neutering Benefits to Animals & Shelters
For every cute, new kitten that is born due to failure to spay or neuter, a homeless cat waiting for a home stays locked in a cage or is euthanized. These shelter cats were also once cute, new kittens. Many were once someone’s beloved pet before ending up in a shelter due to a job loss, a move, allergies, a new baby, or even the cost of vet bills, despite the fact that affordable cat insurance is increasingly available. Every spring, shelters burst at the seams with kittens who need foster homes, take up precious limited space and resources, and steal homes away from older cats, who continue to sit and wait for a new family.

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