Top four ways to get kitty some exercise

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La La the Chihuahua watch dog looks out the window.

Posted by: H.M.
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Just because cats are independent doesn’t mean they wouldn’t prefer interactive play with their owner over pawing at a ball on the floor by themselves. Cats are intelligent animals who love challenges, mental stimulation and bonding with their humans—whether it be over cuddle time or play time.

A large part of pet health is attributed to exercise to promote healthy weight and joints. Just like with humans, mental stimulation is also important for improved mood and cat health care.

There are more exciting ways to play with a cat other than sitting on the couch and making the cat do all the work at the other end of a laser pointer. Together with pet insurance, these unique exercise enrichments will keep even indoor cats in top shape.

Teach an Old (or Young) Cat New Tricks
Just like dogs, cats can be taught to perform tricks. A simple search will bring up free demonstrations on how to teach cats to shake paws, sit up, high five and lay down for treats and praise. All that’s needed is patience and some healthy treats. Clicker training is also as effective for cats as it is for dogs.

Scientific Explorer, a company that creates fun experiment kits for kids, made one called Fun With Your Cat Kit, available online. This simple but fun kit includes toys, a taste test experiment and educational information on cat behaviors. The booklet also includes instructions to teach cats to sit and jump through a hoop.

Make Them Work For It
When it’s treat time, don’t just hand kitty the treats. Toss them on the floor so they have to run and get it. Toss them up the stairs (if they’re carpeted) to give kitty some exercise. You can even put them on top of the cat tree so kitty has to climb her way up to the treat.

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Pet stores also sell balls with holes in them that cats can bat around until the treats fall out. Before you go to work in the morning, leave treats around the house and let kitty go on a scavenger hunt.

Stroll Around the Neighborhood
Imagine passing a fellow walker in the neighborhood who is pushing a stroller. You stop to take a peek at the adorable bundle of joy, when surprisingly, the baby is actually a cat! Cat strollers are fully enclosed and screened so that cats can get out and see the world from a safe environment. There are even double-decker strollers for multiple pets and sporty strollers for cat mommas who want to go for a jog rather than a stroll.

Walk the Cat
Cats who get used to a collar can get used to a harness and leash and be taken on walks. Harnesses must be used for cat safety, not collars. To preserve cat health care, any cat that is allowed outside should be treated with flea preventative.

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