Top 5 ways to get your pet and your significant other to make nice

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By: H. R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager
A cute couple sits with a dog on their laps.
Is Fluffy biting your fiancé’s pant legs again? Does Priscilla persistently hiss when your boyfriend or girlfriend walks through the door? It’s not unusual for pets to take a dislike to someone new in your life— it’s not unusual either for that new someone to dislike your pet.

But if you’re dead-set on keeping them both around for the long haul, it’s important that they bury the hatchet (or bone) and reach a common ground. Below you’ll find five tips on how to unite a once-sullen duo.

1. Eliminate jealousy: Both your pet and your significant other want your undivided attention. Make sure that you are giving them equal amounts of time and affection. Try going on an outing where you can all be involved, such as a walk, or playing Frisbee in the park. This will be good for your dog’s health as well as a good way for the two to bond.

2. Have your significant other help care for your pet: After awhile your pet will see them as a provider instead of as a threat. Ask your partner to help walk or feed your pet. Having your new love give the pup or kitty a treat once in awhile won’t hurt either.

3. Change the language: If you become very serious with your significant other or are cohabitating refer to your pet as “our dog,” instead of “my dog.” This will prompt your significant other to take more of a sense of ownership towards the pet— something the animal will no doubt sense as well.

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4. Allow them to bond one-on-one: Need to run to the store? Have a weekend trip planned to Vegas? Ask your significant other to stay at home with the pet. Although your pet might not like it at first, this will allow your two loves to interact without you around. Pets are generally very protective of their owners. If you can get the two to engage while you’re not present, it will fortify the bond between them.

5. Ensure your significant other is treating your pet kindly: If all else fails, take a closer look at the person you’re with. Perhaps they’ve never had a pet before and don’t quite know how to treat Max. Patiently teach them how to speak to and interact with your pet. After awhile, your pet will begin to trust the new person and allow them to become part of your pack.

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