Your top 20 pet insurance questions answered

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A puppy with pet insurance perks up his big ears.

By: HM
For Pets Best Insurance

1. Are Pets Best Insurance policies available in my state?
Yes, Pets Best Insurance pet insurance plans are available in all 50 states.

2. What is your company’s reputation? What do third party review sites have to say about it? What about the Better Business Bureau?
Pets Best Insurance has been selling quality pet health insurance to pet owners since 2005. We have consistently high reviews on third party review sites, like and we’ve earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau every year we’ve been in business.

3. Are the pet insurance policies easy to understand?
Because of the way we calculate claim reimbursements, our dog and cat insurance policies are very easy to understand. After a deductible is met, we pay a high percentage of the actual veterinarian bill up to your plan’s limit for all eligible expenses. Customers can choose a 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% reimbursement level, depending on their state. It’s that simple!

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4. What about customer care– are they knowledgeable, easy to get a hold of?
Our customer care team is knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated to you and your pet. You can reach us between 7 AM and 7 PM (MT) Monday through Friday and 10 AM to 2 PM (MT) every Saturday at 1-877-738-7237 x1. Or email us at

5. Can I go to any veterinarian, anywhere? What if I’m traveling out of my state or country?
Pets Best Insurance pet health insurance plans allow you to choose any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world.

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6. Will my premium go up if I file a claim?
No, your premium will not increase based on claims filed.
A cat with pet health insurance sits in her owners arms.
7. What happens to my premium as my pet gets older?
Insurance premiums are based on age to ensure that younger pets are not subsidizing the cost of older pets. If you think of pet health insurance like human health insurance, it’s understandable that a 20-year-old woman would pay a lower premium than an 80-year-old woman—the reason being, of course, that the older woman will likely have more health issues than someone 60 years younger. Similarly, as pets age, premiums will adjust to account for the increased likelihood that there will be age-related health issues.

8. Will my pet’s coverage change as she ages? Will she be dropped from coverage because of age?
Your pet insurance coverage will not change based on your pet’s age. Pets Best Insurance doesn’t reduce or cancel coverage because of your pet’s age.

9. What kinds of coverage do you offer?
Pets Best Insurance plans include coverage for accidents and illnesses. Optional add-on coverage for routine care with our BestWellness plan is also available, so you can choose a plan for your pet that fits within your budget.

10. I’ve heard about “usual and customary fees” and reimbursing based on a “benefit schedule,” which can reduce reimbursement to me. Does your company use these?
No, we do not use these. Benefit schedules and “usual and customary fee schedules” are essentially a list of amounts that dictate how much you can be reimbursed for any given pet health issue or condition. Pets Best Insurance does not reimburse claims based on usual and customary fees and customers can choose reimbursement levels of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% depending on their state. In a nutshell, we pay a flat percentage of the actual vet bill, after the deductible is met, up to your plan’s benefit limit. Simple!
A pup with dog insurance sits outside.
11. Do you offer coverage for wellness, preventative or routine care for my pet?
Yes. Pets Best Insurance offers an optional add-on plan for routine care called BestWellness. Our BestWellness plan may help with costs associated with things like vaccines, annual exams, teeth cleaning, blood panels, and other routine tests.

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12. Can I choose whichever deductible works best for me? Can I change the deductible each year, if I’d like?
We offer a variety of deductibles so that you can find a plan that will work with your budget. You can even change your deductible on your annual renewal date.*

13. Are the waiting periods before my pet is eligible for coverage reasonable?
Your pet’s accident coverage goes into effect after just three days, and illness and routine care coverage (if chosen) goes into effect just after 14 days.

14. Is there a maximum age for enrollment? A minimum?
Pets Best Insurance enrolls cats and dogs as young as 7 weeks old, and we have no upper age limits.

15. Do you offer direct deposit reimbursement?
Yes. Pets Best Insurance offers free direct deposit reimbursement to our customers.

16. Does my pet need a physical exam before I can enroll her in pet insurance or renew her policy?
Pets Best Insurance does not require a physical exam to enroll pets in a pet health insurance policy.

17. How do I file a claim?
For the fastest processing, submit your claim online via your Customer Account. You can also submit claims by mail or fax. We need a completed claim form and a copy of an itemized invoice showing proof of payment. Claim forms do not require a veterinarian’s signature.

18. How quickly will my claim be processed and paid?
We process most claims within 5 business days and offer free direct deposit reimbursement.

19. Do you offer discounts?
Yes, in most states we offer discounts up to 5% when you insure multiple pets.

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20. What about refunds? What if I decide I don’t want pet insurance after all?
If you change your mind about pet health insurance, Pets Best Insurance will refund your money 30 days later as long as you haven’t filed a claim. Pets Best Insurance cat and dog insurance policies can be canceled without penalty fees. We will also issue a refund for any unearned premium.

*For approved policies at the company’s discretion.

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