Top 10 hottest pet gifts to buy this season

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A Christmas dog with pet insurance plays with a decoration.

By: Dr. Fiona Caldwell
Vet at Idaho Veterinary Hospital
For Pets Best Insurance

As pet lovers and pet insurance enthusiasts, you’re probably planning to get your kitty or dog a little something for the holidays. But did you know that over 50% of pet owners in the US will buy presents for their pets this year? The average family allots just under $50 to purchase toys, treats and food, bedding, clothing, grooming products and leashes and harnesses for their pets during the holidays. With Black Friday just around the corner, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten most awesome and unique pet products that for the dog or cat that has it all!

1. Pet Observation Porthole
This contraption is a plastic, submarine-like porthole that when attached to a wooden fence, allows pets to see the action on the other side. It helps keep your pet safe, but lets them sneak a peek when their curiosity gets the best of them!

2. DJ Cat Scratch Turntables
This unique product looks like a DJ’s set of turn tables, but is actually a scratching post! DJ kitty will love to and scratch this funny cat gift.

3. Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer
This ingenious gadget attaches to the leash and emits a non-painful ultrasonic tone which is irritating to dogs, ultimately training them to not tug on the leash.

4. Float-a-pet
This is a float collar for pets that live with swimming pool access or that like the lake. When the pet is submerged, this floating collar will keep their heads above water. Much like a doggie life jacket, this is a great gift for any pup who loves the water.

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5. Heated pet bed
For the pampered pet, or the pet that spends time outside, this is a nice way to keep them comfortable and cozy in the winter months.

6. Doggy Treadmill
Yes, this really exists! For the owner who is unable to walk his four-legged friend, or for a pet that requires physical therapy, an indoor doggy treadmill is a great way to provide controlled exercise.

7. Edible Christmas cards (Bone Idle Cards)!
Just for dogs, this is a fun and tasty way of saying ‘I love you’ this Christmas to your best friend. He probably won’t read the card, but he’ll sure enjoy munching on it.

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8. Cat Genie Cat Box
Sick of cleaning the litter box every day? This gadget frees up some the responsibility and can wash, sanitize and dry the box without you having to do anything. This is a great gift for the busy cat owner!

9. RoamEO Pup Collar
This GPS tracking device connects to your dog’s collar and can track where they are. Not only is this great for the escape artist, but it would also make a good gift for dogs that go camping or hunting with their owner.

10. And number ten! The ultimate gift that keeps giving! Drumroll please… dog and cat insurance! Giving your pet the gift of pet health insurance will allow them the necessary veterinary care, should they fall ill or have an accident. Pets Best Insurance offers great coverage for your dog or cat. For more information about the best pet insurance, visit Pets Best Insurance.

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