Top 10 Dog “Day Jobs”

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At Pets Best, we’re a pet friendly office, which only makes sense when you’re a pet insurance agency. So this got us thinking, if our dogs weren’t at the office “helping us work” what would their day job be? We asked our Pets Best Facebook friends the same question and got some great responses. Here are our top 10 favorite day jobs for dogs.

1. Food Quality Assurance Tester

Dogs have been training to be a food tester their entire lives. There isn’t a piece of food that has hit the floor that they haven’t ran frantically to inspect. Now, whether they’re testing for “quality” that’s debatable. We’ve seen some pretty questionable items eaten by dogs.

2. Head of Security  / Army General

For those more stoic, guard dogs, what dog could be better? They’ll give the evil stare gladly and let out those intimidating deep barks when they see anyone who looks suspicious, who looks like trouble, or who just looks somewhat like the mail man.

3. Heating Pad

So many laps to warm up, so little time.

4. CEO of a Pet Store

It’s like working in paradise for a dog, aside from the part about not being able to eat and play with the entire store inventory. Okay, so maybe this job would be more torturous than fun for a pup.

5. Motivational Speaker

It’s hard to be sad or unmotivated for long when you’ve got a silly spaz running around you, wagging their tail frantically, licking you, and bringing you toys. Their happiness is infectious and most definitely motivating.

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6. Counselor

Admit it, you’ve had full on conversations with your dog. And why not, they’re the best listeners and they don’t judge you. They just look at you with love, nuzzle into you, and give you the supportive lick here and there.

7. Royalty

Dogs act like they own the place and run the show, because, well they do. They know they’re the King or Queen of everything and they’re not afraid to show it.

8. Paper Shredder

Why buy a machine that shreds paper when you have a dog that loves to shred things?

9. Gas Man

We’re pretty sure we aren’t talking about the gas for your car or the natural gas for your home here. Although if you could harness the gas of dogs and turn into fuel, then all of us dog owners might be millionaires.

10. Cat Herder

We can’t have these cats just running amuck.

Would one of these be your dog’s day job? If not, tell us in the comments what their day job would be!

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