This little piggy went to the pet store

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The teacup pig is becoming a popular petA pet breeder in England has raised a new type of miniature pig which families across the UK are brining into their homes as a pet.

Dubbed the teacup pig, new pet sensation grows from about 9 ounces at birth to a full growth of about 12 to 16 inches at the age of 2, MSNBC reports. The pigs, which do not typically grow to more than 65 pounds, are a breed between potbellied pigs and the Tamworth, Kune Kune and Gloucester Old Spot breeds.

Jane Croft, the 42-year-old breeder of the minute animals told the news source, "They make fantastic pets. They’re really clean. They’re highly intelligent and just love to be loved. They give so much back to you."

Croft sells the pigs in England for up to $1,100 each. Despite the relatively high cost for the pets, the breeder says she has had to work 14-hour days in order to keep up with the high demand in the UK.

The animals are not officially available in the U.S., but many believe the petite pigs will be bred and sold here shortly.

Though full-sized pigs were popular pets about 20 years ago, Pigs Sanctuary, a shelter in West Virginia reported housing over 200 abandoned pigs during the 1990s.

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