The truth about cat people and dog people

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Cat owners are often more creativeScientists have verified a hunch that many people have thought for ages – there are characteristic differences between cat people and dog people.

Findings suggest that dog people tend to be more social and outgoing, whereas cat people are more creative and neurotic, according to CNN.

Researchers found that gender was not a factor in people’s characteristics, but noticed that the animals they owned actually helped clarify why people act the way they do.

"Once you know the findings, it kind of falls into place," lead researcher Sam Gosling told the news provider. "You think, ‘of course, agreeableness and extraversion — dogs are companionable, they hang out, they like to be with you, they like your company, whereas cats like it for as long as they want it, and then they’re off."

Additionally, research conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) revealed that dog owners may be more likely to provide more pet care, as 82.7 percent made trips to the vet last year, while only 63.7 percent of cat owners visited the care facilities, according to

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