The Magic Bullet Fund

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Posted by Angela Klein on 7/7/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

Inspired by the love of a Siberian named Bullet, the Magic Bullet Fund is writer and editor Laurie Kaplan’s labor of love for the dog who “graced (her) life for 12 years, 2 months and a day.”

At 9 years of age, Bullet was diagnosed with late stage multicentric B-cell lymphoma. “I was horrified, terrified, and determined that I would not lose Bullet without a fight,” Laurie writes on the Magic Bullet Fund website.

During the course of his treatment, the veterinarian who provided chemotherapy treatments for Bullet insisted Laurie write a book to help others who have dogs with cancer. Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, the result of that encouragement, quickly became a preferred resource for pet owners facing this difficult and often overwhelming disease.

Coinciding with the book’s publication, Laurie founded the Magic Bullet Fund to help people who have dogs with cancer but cannot afford to pay for treatment. “I often thought about how very lucky I was to be able to pay for Bullet’s treatment and how devastated I would have felt if I could not,” she said.

“The Magic Bullet Fund is about giving every dog the chance he or she deserves to survive cancer,” Laurie said. “At best, it is about beating cancer. At least, it is about giving people and their dogs more time together – more time to create a few more precious memories.” Bullet survived his battle with cancer and lived until he was nearly 14 when Laurie lost him to renal failure.

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Because canine cancer treatment ranges on average between $600 and $6,000, the Magic Bullet Fund connects donors and potential donors with dogs and their families who need help. A secondary mission to help heighten public awareness about canine cancer through educational efforts is included in the organization’s mission statement. First and foremost, however, “the fund’s mission is to provide cancer treatment for dogs whose caretakers are unable to provide treatment – dogs who would not have cancer treatment at all without our assistance,” Laurie said.

Learn more about the Magic Bullet Fund and how you can help make a difference at

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