The Dog Says: ‘Bling, Bling’

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The Dog Says: 'Bling, Bling'The pet paparazzi will be on hand November 5th as the North Shore League Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal adoption and rescue organization, presents the fourth annual DogCatemy Celebrity Gala.

In addition to the glamorous outfits modeled by celebrity pet owners, the Dollars for Designer Collars project will ensure that the animals get in on the fashion fun as well.

The event will be hosted by acclaimed journalist Geraldo Rivera and will feature an auction of unique pet collars, crafted by illustrious designers like Betsey Johnson, Christine Brinkley, Nicole Mill and Isaac Mizrahi.

The Dollars for Designer Collars initiative will raise money for North Shore and gives dogs fashion options regardless of their image. The jewel-encrusted collars include flower patterns, beaded bands, woven fabrics, sea-shells and – for the biker dog – black leather with spikes.

One designer, Rebecca Taylor, said she became involved in the program because the mission to provide pet care and rescue to animals across the U.S. was an issue "close to [her] heart." She added, "As a dog and cat owner I really enjoyed designing my collar to reflect the Rebecca Taylor aesthetic."

North Shore League Animal League America gives homes to about 20,000 pets each year.

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