The Chihuahua

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A Chihuahua with pet insurance licks food.

A great companion dog, the Chihuahua breed is not without some challenges – one being a number of pet health issues. If you consider this breed, researching and purchasing pet insurance is a good idea.

We often see celebrities carrying Chihuahuas around as if they were fashion accessories. This has likely contributed to the breed’s current popularity, but hasn’t been the best PR for this small, sweet-tempered dog.

In the toy class, the Chihuahua is tiny with a rounded head, short muzzle and large round eyes. Their ears are large and look almost disproportionate to the head. Their coats are short or longer and wavy. The coat colors include white, fawn, silver, chestnut, sand, sable, steel blue, black, black and tan and parti-color.

They are great companion dogs who enjoy affection. They are also very lively and adventurous. This breed ranges in height from 6 to 9 inches and 2 to 6 pounds in weight.

For such a little dog, the Chihuahua can be very strong-willed without the proper pack leadership from his owner. But they are intelligent, quick learners who respond to training. They are very loyal and attached to their owners. Wary of strangers, they will remain close to their owner.

The breed is not recommended for children, especially if the dog has assumed a dominant role. Many of the issues with this breed’s temperament are a direct result of people treating them like babies. Because of this “cute, little dog” approach, their bad behavior will often not be addressed by the owner.

Chihuahuas tend to not be walked as often because they are seen as so active. But they need exercise just like larger dogs and walks also provide socialization and mental stimulation. If not getting sufficient exercise, they tend to be snappy, yappy and untrustworthy around kids and adults they don’t know.

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Pet Health Issues
Chihuahuas are prone to rheumatism, colds, gum problems, and eye issues due to their protruding eyes. Because they are so small, toxic products that are ingested are even more dangerous. This breed can gain weight very easily. Having pet health insurance if you have this breed may come in handy. The Chihuahua is also very susceptible to stress, especially when owners treat them like babies. The dog needs to know that the pack leader is in charge.

Avoid perpetuating the stereotype if you are considering this breed. Don’t get a Chihuahua because you want a cute, tiny, “baby” dog. Choose them because they are wonderful, loyal companions, and be sure to investigate pet insurance as well.

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