Gifts for your pet that won’t cost you a dime

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A dog with pet health insurance licks his owner.

By: Judy Luther
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
For Pets Best Insurance

With the holiday season in full swing, it is a good time to think about the perfect gift for your pet. While there are many great gifts you could purchase for your pet, like pet insurance, toys or treats, the following are some suggestions that your pets will love but won’t cost you anything.

1. Love and attention
Pets need human interactions and interaction with their human family members. It is important to spend quality time with your pets, whether you are walking them or playing an energetic game of catch or tug. You should spend time every day interacting with your pet and reinforcing your bond.

2. Exercise
All pets benefit from physical exercise, and exercise is crucial to your pets’ physical and mental health. Dogs should receive daily walks off their property. Simply playing in the yard is not sufficient exercise for most dogs. Like humans, dogs get bored with the same old exercise routines, so vary the location and route as often as possible, to keep their walks interesting and fun.

3. A warm cozy bed
Your pet needs a comfortable place to rest. During these winter months, invite your pet into your bed for a good cuddle. If you don’t typically allow your pet in your bed, they will appreciate it all-the-more.

4. Training
All pets benefit from training. Like humans, pets learn throughout their lives, and do best when they have the opportunity to learn new things. Even old dogs can learn new things that will stimulate their brains. There are many simple training methods you can do at home. Just do a search for “dog training” online. Remeber, it should be a fun experience for your pet and positive training methods result in positive results. Do not use punishment or force based training methods, which can be harmful to your pet.

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5. At home grooming and pampering
All pets require grooming, even if they’re short haired. Run a warm bath for your pet and give him a good rub-a-dub. End the spa day by throwing a blanket into the dryer and wrapping your pup or kitty up for a cozy cuddle up after their bath. Grooming will be a necessity for the life of your pet, so you want to make it an enjoyable experience.

If you do decide to splurge on one thing for your pet this season, it should be pet insurance! You never know when your pet will need unexpected medical care. Whether it is an emergency, injury or a disease, pet health insurance will make caring for your pet more affordable and will help you make those important medical decisions easier. Companies like Pets Best Insurance are great because they reimburse a flat percentage of the actual vet bill—which can make a huge difference for you and your bank account. For more information about cat and dog insurance, visit

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