Teacher’s pet, teacher’s pet!

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Diploma mills have cats becoming experts in all sorts of fieldsIn times of economic distress, some families will do anything to gain a little extra income. Some households may cancel magazine subscriptions or spring into a coupon-clipping frenzy. The truly enterprising family, however, may sign their pets up for an MBA degree in hopes of getting some free investment advice. The news blog boingboing.com has reported that a new page of the online reference guide Wikipedia keeps track of dogs and cats who were awarded fraudulent degrees from diploma mills, en route to exposing the company’s scam.

According to his application to the online college, Trinity Southern University, Colby Nolan is a part-time babysitter who has worked at a fast-food restaurant, maintained a paper route and completed several courses at community college. In reality, Colby is the housecat of a Pennsylvania deputy attorney general.

In 2004, Colby was awarded an MBA degree by the Texas-based diploma mill in exchange for $299. The cat, according to a Trinity transcript, had achieved an amazing 3.5 grade point average! A year later the fraudulent company was ordered to cease operations and was assessed hefty fines.

Other pets who received similar degrees include high-school graduates Kitty O’Malley and Oreo Collins and the expert in neuro-linguistic hypnotherapy known as George the cat.

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