Synthetic pheromones can help pets chill out

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New synthetic pheromones can reduce stress in petsIt’s not a rare occurrence for a professional to return home from a long day at work and pour themselves a glass of wine or drop of scotch. For some people, the end of the day cocktail has become a ritual, allowing the laborer to calm themselves, fall into a state of relaxation and reduce irritability. Now, some pet care companies are offering the pet cocktail – an array of animal pheromones that can reduce the animal’s perception of stress and curb behavioral problems, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Pheromones are chemicals dogs and cats are able to sense via the vomeronasal organ at the back of the nose, some of which contain substances that calm the pets. The chemicals are used for communication among animals of the same species to suggest alarm, locate food, or express sexual interest.

According to animal behaviorist Gary Landsberg some pheromones calm cats that are being introduced to a new environment, and work well to reduce furniture scratching and to soothe the pets on long car trips.

As far as dogs go, a study of a puppy training course found that dogs who were introduced to a synthetic version of a pheromone released by mother dogs to calm puppies were better socialized and adapted faster to new situations.

Retailers such as Feliway are selling the pet-soothers in spray bottles for about $50.

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