Surfing dog raises money for quadriplegic

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Golden retrievers are a common breed for service dogsJudy Fridono had hopes that her golden retriever, Ricochet, would grow up to become a service dog for people with disabilities.

Beginning with lessons through proper pet care to ensure Ricochet would pick up on how to help humans, Fridono worked to make her dog an aid for the disabled. Unfortunately, Ricochet did not feel the same way, and lost interest.

After introducing Ricochet to a quadriplegic surfer named Patrick Ivison, the dog was trained to surf. Surfing on her own and in tandem with Ivison is where the fundraising began, according to

Teaching Ricochet to surf led to a popular YouTube video that has currently gotten more than 1.3 million viewers. The video follows Ricochet on her journey from service dog to surfing dog.

So far, the efforts of Fridono and Ricochet have raised more than $10,000 to go towards Ivison’s physical therapy.

However, Ricochet is also using her surfing abilities for other good causes.

This past holiday season, Ricochet’s Surfin’ of Paws-ibilities character, in which she is fitted in a Santa outfit, helped raised more $3,500 for toys to go towards children in need. The toy donations went to approximately 638 children, boosting their holiday spirit, according to Surfer’s Village.

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