Supplemental Wellness Care Option

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Posted by Angela Klein on 6/5/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

Supplemental Wellness Care Option Offers Additional Benefits

Wondering if routine care is covered with your accident and illness policy? It is if you choose BestWellness in addition to your plan. BestWellness is optional coverage you can add to your Pets Best Insurance policy that helps you budget for annual exams, teeth cleaning, routine tests and more.

With no deductible and $440 in annual benefits for dogs and more than $500 in annual benefits for cats, BestWellness is specifically chosen by our policyholders who regularly take their pets to the vet.

Half of the annual BestWellness benefits may be claimed within the first six months of each policy period. After six consecutive months as a policyholder, the full 100% of the BestWellness benefit is available for use.

Learn more about BestWellness or call a Pets Best Customer Service Representative today at 1-877-PETSBEST or 1-877-738-7237 to add BestWellness to your policy and help with expenses for future routine visits.

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