Stems cells may be able to alleviate arthritis pain in pets

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Arthritis can stop a dog's normal physical activityMany people may not be aware of this, but animals can suffer from arthritis, too. The inflammation of the joints can be incredibly painful, sometimes resulting in the animals having to be euthanized to be spared any more pain.

Doctors have now found that stem cells could alleviate the pain of arthritis in family pets, according to the Times Union.

During the therapy treatment veterinarians extract stem cells from the animal’s own fatty tissue, and inject the cells directly into the inflamed joints. The cells then either help develop other cells or repair damaged ones, causing the pain to subside.

Pet owner Carol Ball had her cocker spaniel Joey try the treatment, and noticed a dramatic difference in his dog health.

"He has had absolutely no problems," she told the news provider. "He’s a very active dog. We do a lot of off-leash running and hiking together. His life is wonderful."

According to, animals who suffer from the disease may not be able to move or play like they used to, and sometimes can be treated with the help of an animal massage therapist.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19582687-ADNFCR

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