StaffBest: Providing a Simplified Staff Discount Plan for Veterinary Hospitals

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Posted by Jennifer Jones on 9/10/2008 in Articles from Veterinary Newsletter

Christy Johnson, a certified veterinary practice manager with Pampered Pet Health Center in Port Charlotte, Fla., recognized the value of pet insurance, she just didn’t realize that anyone in her office would use it as quickly as they did.

“One of our staff members had only had the policy for 3 weeks when her pet had grease in her eye and ended up getting an ulcer and needed corneal debridement, 80% of which was covered by Pets Best,” she said.

“With Pets Best Insurance, we know what the benefit will be and there is no guesswork involved, which is one of the reasons why we have our staff enrolled in their plans.”

More and more hospital employees are learning what Christy already knows: that having insurance can be a life-saver. Hospitals that enroll five or more pets as a group receive a 20%* discount off monthly premiums.

If you are a veterinarian or hospital administrator, take a look at how StaffBest can benefit your employees as well as your practice:

No longer discount the cost of veterinary care at your hospital. You can offer your full range of services at your normal rates and your employees can benefit from our quick 80% claim reimbursement and ease of use.
You and your employees will have access to emergency care, specialists, and referral services while still having the peace of mind knowing you can receive 80% back, after the deductible.
StaffBest can be tailored to fit any hospital. You decide how many pets to enroll, which plan you’d like, and which payment option works best.
This benefit is a valuable incentive for your employees. If you would like to receive a quote or have questions, please call the Pets Best Veterinary Services Department at 1-888-349-2520 or email us at

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* Discount not available in all states.

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