Spring is in the air— and so is pollen and pet dander

Posted on May 14, 2012 under Industry News, Pet Insurance, Veterinary Medicine

A cat with pet insurance licks her coat.

Many people suffer from mild-to-moderate allergies throughout the year, and spring can be a whopper, especially for animal lovers. Because giving up our pets just isn’t an option, we often become experts at self-treatment, visit the doctor and submit claims for both human and pet health insurance.

As our immune system tries to deal with budding trees, blooming flowers, and growing grass, our pets also start shedding more. For some of us, this gives our immune system an even bigger workout.

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Some may seek out “hypoallergenic” dog or cat breeds, amp up dusting and vacuuming efforts, or even start clipping coupons for Kleenex. Luckily, unless symptoms become so severe that they cause asthma and breathing problems, pet allergies don’t have to cause that big of a problem.

Here are some tips:

• Your doctor can prescribe antihistamines, nasal sprays, and asthma inhalers.

• Over-the-counter antihistamines may also prove beneficial.

• Regular grooming and bathing of your pet will help reduce shedding and dander.

• Pet stores sell pre-packaged wet wipes made especially to quickly bathe your dog or cat and reduce dander.

• Air purifiers and air conditioners help clean the air in the home.

• Take vitamins and treat colds early to help give your immune system a head-start.

• Scoop litter boxes daily, as allergy-inducing proteins can also be shed there.

• Resist the urge to let your pets sleep with you in bed. If they must, then look into allergy-reducing mattress and pillow covers.

If your allergies make you miserable, imagine how they can make your pet feel! Watch for allergies in your own pets. Excessive licking, paw biting, ear scratching, head shaking, and hair loss are all signs that your pet is suffering from allergies, too.

These symptoms are common reasons why pet owners seek veterinary attention. Additionally, dog and cat insurance may help make vet bills more affordable.