Spotlight On: The Morris Animal Foundation

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Posted by Angela Klein on 5/12/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

Since 1948, the Morris Animal Foundation has been answering a critical and unique need in promoting animal health and welfare and advancing veterinary medicine. As the largest non-profit organization dedicated to funding research studies to protect, treat and cure animals, including companion animals, nearly 1,400 studies have been conducted to that end.

Last year, the Morris Animal Foundation launched its Cure Canine Cancer campaign to raise funds to help find a cure for cancer in dogs within the next 10 – 20 years.

As part of this effort, Pets Best has pledged a million dollars to their campaign, knowing that millions of dogs each year die of cancer.

“Half the population of dogs and cats aged 10 and over will die of cancer,” said Alice Villalobos, a noted veterinarian and author. “The bonds that clients have developed with their older pets are especially strong and drive the increasing demand for more proficient and highly compassionate medical treatment of companion animals diagnosed with cancer.”

Learn more about The Morris Animal Foundation and their fight to save dogs and their owners from the devastating effects of cancer at or learn about all of the MAF initiatives at

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