Spotlight On: The Arizona Humane Society

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Posted by Angela Klein on 7/30/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

With one look at the Arizona Humane Society, it’s easy to see that this group is so much more than just a shelter for pets in transition.

Founded in 1957 as a private nonprofit organization, the Arizona Humane Society works daily to stay true to their mission: to safeguard, rescue, shelter, heal, adopt and advocate for animals in need.

In addition to being Arizona’s largest animal-welfare protection agency, the Arizona Humane Society provides free or low-cost spay/neuter services for dogs and cats in an effort to end pet over-population in the greater Phoenix area. Last year, nearly 20,000 surgeries were performed. They accomplish this at their campuses and on the road with their mobile spay/neuter and animal wellness centers that travel throughout the Southwest.

Each year, more than 50,000 pets are rescued and/or sheltered at the Arizona Humane society’s campuses, and as the state-designated companion animal disaster response organization, they also provide services to pets in natural disasters.

In 2004, the Arizona Humane Society was honored as the National Shelter of the Year, chosen from over 300 other animal protection organizations throughout the United States.

Additionally, the Arizona Humane Society inspires community action through their efforts such as their Pets on Parade television show, educating groups on the importance of respect and compassion for all living beings through the Startdust Humane Education Program, and lobbying for laws that protect pets.

Pets on Parade, which holds the distinction of being the longest running show in the history of Arizona television, hit the airwaves in the Phoenix-metro area 40 years ago and features adoptable pets from the shelter.

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To learn more about the Arizona Humane Society and their efforts, visit them online at

Pets Best Insurance is proud to partner with the Arizona Humane Society and others in the Pets Best “Racing to Save Pets” campaign by identifying and confronting the key issues that cause euthanasia.

Dr. Jack Stephens, a veterinarian and the founder and pioneer of the pet insurance industry in the United States created “Racing to Save Pets” as a means to address and create a sense of urgency regarding the primary reasons that cause 3 million pets in shelters and millions more throughout the country to be destroyed each year.

“Racing to Save Pets” addresses the need for better support and understanding of our community shelters by raising support and awareness. Pets Best Insurance also provides its ShelterBest partnership program as a means to directly support shelters with community efforts and funding that can make the difference for countless pets that need and deserve to find homes.

By providing a better understanding of the human health benefits of pet ownership, raising awareness for smaller shelters and groups that need support, and providing an ongoing source of donations, “Racing to Save Pets” is partnering across the nation with shelters like the Arizona Humane Society and other adoption groups to make a difference and reduce unnecessary euthanasia.

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