So, Then, What’s for Dinner?

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Posted by Pets Best on 3/6/2008 in General Articles

Yes, it’s true. Most of our dogs eat better than we do! With the recent buzz about cooking for your pets, we wanted to share with you a fabulous find written by a pet expert we trust with our dogs and cats. Real Food for Dogs: 50 Vet-Approved Recipes to Please the Canine Gastronome, written by Arden Moore and illustrated by Anne Davis, jumped into the top ten on’s best seller list this week offering taste-bud tantalizing treats like Marvelous Mutt Meatballs and Canine Casserole that are sure to please.

Arden said.

“I made sure that all 50 recipes were analyzed and approved by a top veterinary nutritionist. And guess what? Two-thirds of these recipes are edible for people, too, making it a time and money saver.”

Helpful tips, “Canine Nutrition 101,” and a section on prescription diets for dogs with special needs are all included in this funny, informative, veterinarian-approved book. And while our pups and kitties at Pets Best are still enjoying their regular foods, the idea of cooking for them is inspiring and fun, even for those of us who are rather clumsy in the kitchen.

Arden, who is a bestselling author and pet expert, has also written 50 Simple Ways To Pamper Your Cat, 50 Simple Ways To Pamper Your Dog, her newly released The Dog Behavior Answer Book, and her upcoming The Cat Behavior Answer Book, slated for release in June.

Arden’s dogs Chipper and Cleo, both rescues, have been busy lately. Cleo charmed audiences on Fox News this week while eating one of Arden’s meatballs, and Chipper has appeared on CNN Headline news as America ’s Party Animal, thanks to Arden’s book Dog Parties.

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Along with Chipper and Cleo, Arden shares her home with two rescued cats, Murphy and Callie, who serve as inspiration for a monthly magazine she edits called Catnip, along with her books on cats and cat behavior. For cat owners looking to spoil their special feline with some delicious delicacies, Arden also offers nutritionist-approved recipes in The Kitten Owner’s Manual.

Cooking for pets is not to be taken lightly, though, and experts advise knowing what you’re getting into before making cooking for your pets a habit. Nutritional needs are hard to meet with a completely home-cooked diet, according to many veterinarians, for cats especially, and consulting your vet is always a great plan when embarking—no pun intended—on such a grand adventure.

With that being said, for those cooking enthusiasts who find joy in whipping up a quick batch of Pooch Pancakes—and want to make sure that the recipes they’re using are not only good tasting but good for their pets, too—does Arden have some ideas for you!

And if a party is what you’re looking for, be sure to check out Arden’s Dog Parties book for ideas on decorations, games, invitations, favors, menus and tips on party “petiquette.” Need an idea for Howl-a-ween or a Bark-mitzvah? Look no further.

Check out these books and more on Arden’s website at

Now that’s something to bark about!

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