Shopping for cat insurance? 8 great tips.

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Thinking about insurance for your cat or kitten? Good for you! A pet insurance policy for your cat is a smart way to budget for future medical expenses. Pet insurance can help make sure your cat can get the best possible treatment when he or she needs it.

Remember that all pet insurance policies are not equal, though. If you’re comparing various policies from different insurance providers, these 8 great tips will help you know what to look for and what to avoid.

  • Your cat’s doctor should be your decision. Avoid pet insurance policies that enforce health care networks; the best policies let you choose any veterinarian, anywhere.
  • Steer clear of policies that pay according to a predetermined benefit schedule; these schedules limit your cat’s care for any specific illness or injury to the amount the insurance company is willing to pay.
  • Choose a policy that pays a straight percentage, such as 80%, of your eligible expenses. This way, you’ll call the shots when it comes to care options and the overall quality of your cat’s medical care.
  • Your cat may need more care as he or she gets older, so make sure your policy doesn’t have an age restriction. Some policies will actually drop your cat when they get too old!
  • Does the policy offer options to help pay for regular wellness checkups? These checkups can mean early detection of health problems that might be more difficult and expensive to treat later on.
  • Make sure you know about the policy’s exclusions. A policy that says it pays 90% of your expenses won’t be worth much if it excludes many of the ailments that are likely to affect your cat.
  • Check the policy for claim limits, where long-term conditions like arthritis or cancer may only be covered through the end of a policy term (typically 12 months). A pet insurance plan with continuous coverage will help treat long-term conditions from one policy term to the next.
  • Check with your friends who have had experience with pet insurance and make sure to ask your veterinarian what pet insurance policies he or she recommends.
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More questions? Try checking out this list of Frequently Asked Questions for answers.

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