ShelterBest “Racing to Save Pets” Wins Big in Vegas

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By: Dr. Jack Stephens

Our ShelterBest “Racing to Save Pets” campaign took a huge leap forward at the recent Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) in Las Vegas last month as the visual of the racecars, the passion of our Pets Best team, and the ShelterBest WVC Challenge Cup Race at the Las Vegas Speedway brought attention to our campaign to save shelter pets.

The presence of Thompson Motorsports and Brett Thompson’s NASCAR racecars on display during the convention helped bring Pets Best and “Racing to Save Pets” front and center with one car in the Mandalay Bay exhibition hall foyer and another outside next to the racecar trailer. Our hope and goal was to help promote shelter adoptions. We also added a place for conference attendees to come and pet the dogs at the puppy play area outside next to the racecar trailer.

Brett Thompson and his team have helped us spread the word about the needs of shelters and shelter pets.

ShelterBest “Racing to Save Pets” is a means to communicate with the public about the need to adopt pets from shelters across the country. As part of the program, we help to raise awareness, money and provide added value for shelter adoptions. Most importantly, the program will increase pet adoptions and reduce euthanasia. Our goals are three-fold:

1. To increase shelter adoptions – Despite years of spay/neuter programs, unwanted, surplus pets are still a huge problem and a shame on our society that so many millions of pets are euthanized each year. This is a societal problem, and it is imperative that we help change people’s attitudes about where they obtain their pets.

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2. To provide financial responsibility – Pets Best offers its ShelterBest protection for adopted pets and other family pets, making it convenient and economical to insure family pets. With Pets Best, pet families know they will always receive 80% after the deductible reimbursement for covered accidents and illnesses. Having this help makes it much less likely they will return the pet to the shelter for a costly accident or illness.

3. To provide added revenue for shelters – The Pets Best shelter program provides pet owners with discounts, which can be donated to the local shelter. All or part of their Pets Best discount can automatically be donated to their shelter. Additionally, Pets Best makes another donation to those shelters when those pets are insured.

Our goal is to have more pets adopted, more pets insured, and to keep pets in families by covering 80% of their healthcare needs. We believe that ShelterBest “Racing to Save Pets” is an integral part of saving thousands (hopefully millions) of pets who deserve loving families and good care, including necessary healthcare.

When you share the word about shelter pets, you are making a difference. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who is working tirelessly for the needs of pets, especially shelter pets. The race is a long one, but one I believe we can win.

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