Shelter dogs: The end of a year doesn’t have to be the end of a life

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A shelter dog waits to be adopted.
Posted by: H.R.
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You’ve likely seen someone post an urgent plea on Facebook or other social media sites to adopt a dog whose time is running out. And how can you resist to help spread the news when the dog looks so thin, defeated and sad?

Perhaps you’ve even replied, sending your hopes that someone has room in their home for this dog. Maybe you’ve read through the replies nervously, wondering if this dog with the mysterious past would ever take another warm nap on a soft couch.

As heartbreaking as this is, it’s understandable and commonplace for older dogs to miss out on adoption opportunities. Puppies are cute and cuddly, we know their background, can train them to our liking, buy them best pet insurance from an early age and hope to have at least a decade of worry-free pet ownership. But I know for myself, as cute as puppies are, older shelter dogs can be just as great of a companion.

When I adopted my dog, Mr. Blue, I was told he was “middle-aged” and that no one knew how old he really was. But I didn’t care. What I got when I adopted him was a happy, mellow dog who loved my cats the first time he saw them and already knew many commands. It was fun testing new tricks to see whether or not he already knew them.

His past is a mystery, and that made for some trying getting-to-know-you times, but positive training saw us through it. I could see in his eyes just how much he loves having a home of his own. It warms my heart knowing that I can provide him with his own couch to sleep on, rather than the concrete bed of his past.

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Whether you opt to adopt a puppy or a senior-aged dog, one thing is certain: dog health is never a sure bet. I researched pet insurance for older dogs to help me avoid ever having to choose between Mr. Blue and my bank account. Something tells me that when he isn’t here any longer, another senior dog will find his way into my heart.

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