Santa Paws: Christmas for pets

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By: Dr. Jack Stephens

Feliz Navidog! It’s Torrey, writing to you from sunny Mexico. I’m spending a few days here, recharging my batteries before heading home to Idaho for Christmas. I need to be home, after all, when Santa Paws comes down the chimney dragging a sack full of presents for me with his teeth. Every year, I try to stay awake so I can see him but I always seem to fall asleep before he shows up. (Well, a girl does need her beauty rest, after all!)

Some of my friends, believe it or not, have tried to tell me that there is no Santa Paws at all, that he’s just made up. That’s simply ridiculous. I mean, how else could you explain the new chew toys, the soft fuzzy blankets, the boxes of treats and everything else I find under the tree each Christmas morning? And who eats those dog biscuits I always set out on a plate by the fireplace?

Now Santa, if you’re reading this, you know I’ve been extra good this year. Well, pretty good, anyway. I have tried not to bark so much at the office (I only bark when there is a very good reason) and have reduced my howling by as much as 50%. And I always work hard to keep my Dad happy. It hasn’t been easy, Santa, but I knew it would be worth it come Christmas morning.

As you know, Santa, I’m a simple dog with simple tastes. I’m easy to please. I don’t want to burden you with a long list of items, and after all, I already have everything a girl could want, so why not make it easy on yourself this year? Just bring me a simple diamond-studded collar. And if it’s not too much trouble, you might throw in a nice cashmere cardigan, size extra-small. Those Idaho nights do get mighty chilly, after all. You see? I’m quite easy to shop for.

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Most of all, though, what I want is for my fellow dogs and cats, the homeless ones who have to spend the holidays in animal shelters, to find warm, loving homes. Santa, please tell everyone who has room in their house (and love to give) to think about adopting a shelter pet. My mom and dad do this, and even though I have to reestablish myself as top dog with each new pet, I do feel good about helping others. If they don’t have the room for a new pet, they should at least donate food or toys to their local shelters this Christmas; it would be best to call the shelter and ask what their biggest needs are.

And to all the rest of my friends out there, all of us at Pets Best would like to wish you health and happiness in the coming year. Try to stay warm and most of all, be good! After all, Santa Paws is watching you…

Merry Christmas!


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