Reunited! Mikey’s Adventure

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Pet Insurance Agency Pets Best Insurance found this lost dog.

Last week, thousands of Pets Best Insurance Facebook friends and other pet lovers shared our picture of an adorable found dog, hoping to help reunite him with his family. Pets Best claims adjuster Kate had found him wandering alone one night. The Pomeranian wasn’t injured or starving, but he looked a little rough and didn’t have a microchip or a collar.

Days went by and we pursued a dozen leads as the pup’s picture went viral on Facebook, but none of them panned out. Kate notified the local shelters and placed ads on Craigslist, and pet insurance employee Shirle took the little guy under her wing. He was treated to a bath, grooming, lots of treats, cuddles and playtime with other doggies. Shirle was falling in love with the dog (like so many of our friends who offered to take him), and was thinking about naming him Panda.

Mountain Getaway
Meanwhile, Idaho Falls resident Melissa was just wrapping up a long camping trip on the other side of the state. When she got home, she logged into Facebook to see what she had missed. Scrolling through her newsfeed, she saw a picture of a familiar little dog on her friend’s page. “Dang, that dog looks just like mine!” she said to her daughter. She called her dog sitter, her niece, who reassured her that Mikey was still with her in Boise.

Stumped, Melissa tried to forget about it. A couple of days later, the dog appeared again on Facebook. Melissa couldn’t shake the feeling that this was her sweet Mikey. She asked a Boise relative to personally go check on him…and Melissa’s niece finally admitted the dog had wandered off, but she was too nervous to tell her the truth. She had hoped the dog would return on its own.

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Melissa was a little upset, but mostly glad she knew where Mikey was. She sent a Facebook message to the friend who shared the picture and contacted Pets Best Insurance, and arrangements have been made for Mikey to be picked up tonight.

Pets Best Insurance found this lost dog.

Formerly groomed to look like a lion, we asked Melissa how she feels about his new ‘do. “I’m fine with it. I was going to shave him down anyway!” she laughed.

Social Media…and Patience
One reason we love social media so much is the instant gratification it usually provides. In this case, 9 days felt like an eternity, but our Facebook friends did pull through to reunite this little lost pet with his owner. Melissa and all of us at Pets Best Insurance send a huge “thank you!” to our friends who shared his photo. It worked!

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