Rescuers step in to help dog that was used for target practice

Posted on January 5, 2010 under Industry News

A black labrador was found with an arrow sticking out of his sideA Black Labrador from Louisville, Kentucky, is lucky to be alive after being used as target practice for an archer.

Volunteers for the Shamrock Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aids animals in need, stepped in to assist Aidan, the 11-month old Labrador in question, after he was spotted wandering around the streets with an arrow protruding from his side, according to

The news provider reported that the dog suffered from a partially deflated lung, damaged vertebrae, muscular trauma and infections from the wound.

Although Aidan was quickly given quality pet care by veterinarians, many of Shamrock’s volunteers are shocked that someone could do something so cruel to an animal. Even more astonishing- Aidan, though traumatized, still manages to have a sweet demeanor.

"He is a doll," Rebecca Eaves, a Shamrock volunteer, told the news source. "The temperament – you can’t believe – to have such a horrendous wound."

Volunteers for the Shamrock Foundation are unpaid and believe in stopping the pet overpopulation crisis as well as the euthanizing of animals in overcrowded shelters.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19541433-ADNFCR