Rabies cases spark pet health concerns in Connecticut

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Rabies cases spark pet health concerns in ConnecticutA recent rise in confirmed rabies cases in Connecticut has spurred concern about pet health throughout the state.

David Yoho, an Enfield, Connecticut animal control officer, has said that while the spread of the disease isn’t a major concern, pet owners should still ensure that their animals have been vaccinated, the Hartford Courant reports.

"When we get a case we try to make the public aware of it," Yoho hold the news source.

He further warned that when pets contract rabies, they typically have to be quarantined for at least six months or euthanized.

Animal control departments around the state have said that in each report of a domestic dog or cat having contact with a rabies-infected animal, the pet had already been vaccinated. According to Yoho, no rabid pets have been reported in Enfield in the past several years.

However, this fall a rabid raccoon scratched a girl in a Best Buy parking lot, a diseased skunk was found in a residential neighborhood and two infected raccoons were killed in the southern part of town, according to the Courant.

"I’ve been here three years and this is the most I’ve seen," said Yoho.
According to a Pet Industry Strategic Outlook report from the research firm Dillon Media, U.S. pet owners spent $10.5 billion on veterinary pet care in 2005.

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