Puppies help college students hit the books

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Puppies help college students hit the booksBottomless cups of coffee, midnight breakfast and plenty of procrastination techniques have frequently been the study aids of choice for America’s college students. But as finals and paper deadlines approach for the fall semester, one California university is taking a creative approach to helping students relieve stress: puppy pals.

During Chapman University’s study week this year, the school’s Active Minds club, which promotes mental health, will place a group of pups outside of the university library with which frazzled students can spend some time unwinding, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"It has been proven that having a dog helps relieve stress, so we thought it would be a cute idea if we brought some furry friends on campus," Jennifer Heinz, a sophomore integrated educational studies major told the news source.

A Torrance, California-based company, called Puppies & Reptiles for Parties, will provide 10 Malteses, Yorkies, pubs and dachshunds for the college event.

According to Megan Brown, a college counselor and licensed family therapist, research has found that animals can play a role in reducing anxiety and stress in their owners.

Gomestic.com reports that 57 percent of psychiatrists as well as 48 percent of psychologists and 40 percent of family practice physicians recommend animals assisted therapy to combat depression, idleness and stress.

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