Providing pets with the best digestive health

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A dog with dog insurance eats a treat.

Posted by: H.R.
For Pets Best Insurance

There is a lot of indecision about what kinds of pet foods are best for Fido—natural and organic, raw, and expensive manufactured food all claim to be the best. There are a number of cookbooks out there for owners who wish to make their own food for their pets rather than buy the processed brands.

Still, there are some very basic guidelines that should be followed to ensure that your pup has the best digestive health—from food to insurance for dogs. Here are a few tips:

• Find a great dog insurance plan to prepare for emergencies. Make sure to compare pet insurance policies to find one that would cover Fido accidentally eating something poisonous, as well as serious digestive complications. Take your dog to the vet for routine check-ups and monitor eating habits if your dog is vomiting or has unusual stools.

• Feed your pet nutrient-rich food. Whether it comes from a bag or you cook it up yourself, make sure that your dog is getting all of the nutrients he or she needs. Be mindful that the cook books out there often include supplemental powders in the recipes and make sure you include these supplements. They are absolutely vital for your pet’s digestive and overall nutrition.

• Refrain from giving table scraps. Most vets would agree that table scraps should be a no-no, for a couple of reasons. Our food contains a whole variety of ingredients, and we don’t always know every single one. You also don’t want him to think that he is the boss! Keep all food in his dish.

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Though dog insurance may not seem necessary, serious digestive illnesses can become a huge financial burden. Finding pet health insurance is one way to alleviate those costs and keep your pup healthy. So don’t forget: avoid falling victim to the puppy dog eyes and refrain from giving table scraps—and be mindful of your pet’s nutrition!

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