Police find 49 pets in Oklahoma woman’s house

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Police find 49 pets in Oklahoma woman's housePolice in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, continue to investigate a local woman who was found with almost 50 cats and dogs in her residence on Tuesday.

After obtaining a search warrant, police removed 41 cats and eight dogs from the home of Tammy Willemstein, who runs a small nonprofit pet rescue organization called Furry Companions, Tulsa World reports.

The woman may be cited by authorities for failing to obtain a pet owner’s license and for having more animals than is allowed by the law, police told the news source.

According to Willemstein, most of the animals she cared for she took in as strays; others were abandoned in front of her house.

The confiscated pets were taken to an animal shelter, where five with lung problems were euthanized, according to animal control officer Tommy Wagner.

Wagner told the news provider that Willemsten appeared to have good intensions in her decision to care for the animals, even spaying or neutering the vast majority, but became overwhelmed as more animals arrived at her home.

"She tried. She really did," he said. "It just got out of hand and she couldn’t handle it anymore."

According to the U.S. Humane Society, the average canine owner cares for 1.7 dogs, while the average cat owner has 2.3 of the pets.

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