Pets Get Ready for Take Off

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Pet Airways is Officially Taking Reservations!

Now that spring is here and our thoughts float towards the warm days of summer, it’s time to start to dream about vacations and traveling around this great country. The United States is full of great places visit, but now you no longer have to leave your pet behind. You can take your pet along with Pet Airways.

If you think that you can fly with your pet sitting on the next seat, forget about it. Pet Airways is a pet only airline, no humans allowed, but don’t worry, you can send your best friend in comfort and safety and meet him/her there.

While you struggle with the airport hassle, security checks, $5 bottles of water, juggling the luggage, and the crowds, your best friend can be relaxing at the Pet Lounge, where its comfortable experience begins. Private accommodations (their own pet carrier), great food, water, potty breaks on demand, a wonderful Pet Attendant at its beck and call; maybe even an overnight stay at one of Pet Airways Affiliated Pet Lodges where your pet can network with other pets. Man oh man, it’s a dog’s life! (Did I mention breakfast in bed?)

It doesn’t get any better.

And Pet Airways is starting out in 5 of the largest cities (New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles) so there is no excuse not to find a great place to visit. There are literally thousands of great destinations within hours of every city in this great country.

And get this; Pet Airways is having a great Kick-Off sale on flights with their Anywhere, Anytime Introductory Offer of $149. For a limited time, you can book a ticket for this incredible low price. So put down the leash or rubbing against the scratching post and book your pet’s travel now.

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Yep, you heard it right! Only $149 flies your pet in the main cabin with a trained and loving Pet Attendant to care for your loved one. No cargo here! Only First Class for your pet! Do you have cat fever and want to travel this summer? Visit the Pet Airways website at

They’re ready to take your reservation.

Book soon, as the $149 offer will only last for a limited time.

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