Pets Best Launches Free Pet Recovery Program

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Boise, Idaho, December 6, 2005 — Pets Best Insurance, a pet insurance company that is a division of General Fire & Casualty Company, today announced a free, easy-to-use pet recovery program for veterinary clients. Pet owners can receive a free, peel-off sticker listing a toll-free number that adheres to a pet tag. This number can be called to match up missing pets with their owners.

The pet recovery program is being administered by Smart ID, an innovative leader in non database recovery of lost pets and personal items through automated phone or Web systems. Pets Best Insurance is offering these free programs in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Utah. The company anticipates being able to offer the program in 25 states by the end of this year, and all 50 states by the end of 2006.

“Losing a pet is a devastating experience for pet owners,” said Dr. Jack Stephens, Pet Best founder and pet health insurance industry pioneer. “With our free program, we give pet owners peace of mind by helping to reunite them with their pets as quickly, easily and securely as possible.”

How the Free Pet Recovery Program Works

The program is simple. Any interested pet owners at affiliated veterinary locations offering Pets Best can obtain a free peel-off sticker to place on the pet’s tag. The tag sticker contains a unique identifier number and a toll-free number to call (877-PET-LOST). If the pet is ever lost, the finder calls the automated system and is prompted to enter the unique identifier number. When the owner of the lost pet calls into the system and enters the same identifier number, the system finds the match and automatically plays the finder’s message and provides their callback number. Custom notification and personalization options, such as “Message Notify” and “Finder Call Forward” are available for convenience, to prevent missed messages regarding a loss, and the need for repeated system callbacks.  This process also can be utilized online.

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Pets Best Insurance policyholders are provided this same program with additional premium features: a durable coated-plastic tag with the toll-free and identification numbers, as well as a key chain and identity card with the identifier number and instructions to keep for reference should the pet be lost.

Pets Best Insurance free recovery program features immediate protection once the sticker is placed on the tag and it is good for the life of the pet. The program is simple to use, with no registration or annual fee ever required. Privacy and security for pet owners are always ensured, as the pet recovery program utilizes only the locator number, not the pet owner’s address and phone number. A 24 hour/seven day automated message center, personalized messages and lost pet posters are also available. Pet owners who request the free pet recovery stickers will receive a no-obligation Pets Best insurance quote for their pet.

About Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, is a division of General Fire & Casualty Company, which specializes in the agribusiness, livestock and animal-related insurance products. The pet health insurance company provides the most comprehensive insurance plans for bonded pet owners whose pet is a family member. Its insurance plans provide the peace of mind that comes when a pet owner wants “simply the best.”  Pets Best Insurance takes pride in offering its policyholders fast claims turnaround, highest limits, generous benefits, a variety of deductible options for every budget, and the most personalized customer-satisfaction approach.

Unlike other commercial pet insurance companies, Pets Best Insurance understands veterinary care. Its founder, Dr. Jack Stephens, pioneered the pet insurance industry in 1981 and has over 30 years of veterinary related experience and an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of pet health insurance. For more information, visit or call 877-PETS BEST (738-7237)

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