Pets Best Insurance Will Match Donations to Skeeter Foundation’s Pet Therapy Visits

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(BOISE, IDAHO–AUGUST 31, 2006),-Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC / DBA Pets Best Insurance (a pet insurance company) announced today a special grant to honor the Skeeter Foundation and the newest member of the “Pets Not Pills” Pet Therapy Team.

Betty, a two-and-a-half-year-old Miniature Pinscher, was a stray running the streets of San Antonio with another dog last year. Both dogs were hit by a car and Betty’s dog pal died at the scene. Betty was left alone and critically injured in the middle of the street. Betty pulled herself from the roadway to the curb with a crushed and separated pelvis and unable to use her rear legs. She lay on the curb in incredible pain and near death. At the time there was little hope that Betty would survive. According to the treating veterinarian, Betty showed courage, heart and love even when as she was in great pain. Nine months later, after being adopted by the Skeeter Foundation and Vicki Stephens, Betty currently leads a charge of commitment for the Skeeter Foundation She is visiting injured children and conveying to them a message of hope and reassurance which shows, even though we may be injured or challenged, we can go on and enjoy our lives.

Today Greg McDonald, chairman and CEO, of Pets Best Insurance stated, “We often hear of so many fantastic stories about the power of pets on humans and their families. Betty’s story just grabbed our hearts. Betty reminds us again of the incredible courage and value that pets can bring to all of us. We are very pleased to announce today that Pets Best Insurance will increase our support of the Skeeter Foundation through The ‘Ready Betty Matching Grant Fund’. This new effort is designed to specifically support therapy visits and demonstrate to children with traumatic injury and limited mobility they can have an active and happy life. Pets Best Insurance is very proud of the work of all the Pet Therapy Teams at the Skeeter Foundation and we wish a special welcome to new team leader Betty! As part of the celebration of Betty joining the Skeeter Foundation, Pets Best Insurance has created a special grant and will match all donations received, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000 until the conclusion of the Skeeter Foundation National Photo Contest on October 31st, “How Does Your Pet Make You Smile”. The winner will receive over $12,000 in prizes.

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As a result of this grant, The Skeeter Foundation “Prescribe Pets Not Pills” Pet Therapy Teams will now have access to additional funding to visit more children with Betty as well as fund more therapy teams with their pets.

Vicki Stephens, Executive Director of the Skeeter Foundation was on-hand, along with Betty, for the announcement and Stephens commented on Betty’s powerful impact and also provided an update on the photo contest.

Stephens stated, “Betty is so bright, smart and loving and we know that a loving visit from Betty will help folks in need. Betty is capable of an active and good life even with some of her challenges. This is the message Betty will give to others, especially children with physical disabilities. The continued work, and growth of the Skeeter Foundation requires major support. We are very thankful that Pets Best Insurance was able to create this challenge grant.”

The Skeeter Foundation’s “How Does Your Pet Make You Smile?” photo contest is going very well with good representation across the entire United States. “There have been over 20,000 individual visits to the contest website and 6,000 unique visitors who entered and/or voted on the contest. Currently there are over 700 pets that are listed and competing for the grand prize. There is still time to enter your pet and have a chance for some of the great fun and prizes! We are very pleased that the contest provides important information about the Skeeter Foundation, but it is a nice opportunity for all of us to share how our pets really make us smile!” said Stephens.

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About Pets Best Insurance: Pets Best Insurance markets and manages pet health and accident insurance for the consumer through and its integrated call centers 877 Pets Best (738-7237). With online sales, customer service portal, and electronic delivery of policies, the customer benefits by receiving a more simplified convenient experience. The insurance reimburses pet owners for services from the veterinarian they choose. Pets Best Insurance product brand includes a choice of four affordable coverage plans with a straightforward 80:20 claims reimbursement and NO complicated reimbursement schedule. The Pets Best team is a highly skilled and professional group of pet lovers who have developed products based on innovation and insight into veterinary care. Pets Best Insurance is truly “Pet insurance that really pays!”

About The Skeeter Foundation: The primary goal of the Skeeter Foundation is to educate people and support programs that endorse the “Prescribe Pets, Not Pills” philosophy. Named in honor of one of the founder’s, Dr. Jack Stephens’ pet companions, the Skeeter Foundation was formed to perpetuate the scientifically proven positive effects that pets have on human health. One of the Skeeter Foundation’s principle activities is to develop and support volunteer therapy teams comprising a variety of pets that bring joy and relieve stress in people’s lives. Pets are mostly certified dogs that have passed rigorous training. Others include cats, doves, rabbits, miniature horses and even a llama. Pets eligible for the Rx teams must have a gentle disposition, and be patient with and tolerant of strangers. The Foundation provides consultative and administrative support to the Rx teams, as well as liability insurance, which is required by visited institutions.

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