Pets Best Insurance Promotes Pet Insurance at AVMA Convention

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By: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager
A small dog and a cute cat sit beside each other.
Prior to last weekend, I had no idea there was such thing as a doggy exercise wheel. A hamster running in a wheel, I get. A dog running in a wheel seems silly.

Why not just ensure Fido’s dog health by taking him for a walk?

Before last weekend I also had no idea there was such thing as a T-shirt that purports to aid pet health by reducing a dog’s level of anxiety. I contemplated buying one for my neurotic Chihuahua, but quickly determined strapping her into a tight, form-fitting doggy tee would likely make her neurosis worse.

The creative pet health items noted above were just a few of the many booths I sauntered by at the AVMA convention last week in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the Pets Best Insurance team made the trip to participate as exhibitors.

We received a fantastic response from the veterinary community, including vets, vet technicians and others.

It’s always nice to hear that our pet insurance is preferred by veterinarians and their staff because of the way we pay out claims. It’s even nicer to hear that they refer us because we “always do what we say we will,” to quote one veterinarian.

Visitors to our booth happily filled out quick pet insurance surveys and also used this time to get a better understanding of how our three accident and illness pet insurance policies work, and what our BestWellness™ plan covers.

Each day of the convention introduced our product to new and returning pet health insurance advocates.

Overall, it was great to spend a few days mingling and chatting with the very people who see the benefit of our product on a daily basis—although I have to admit I was glad to get home to that excited, tail-wagging, neurotic Chihuahua.

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